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 We are a team of expert professionals to provide you the complete assistance for your court marriage in Ghaziabad. We provide same-day Arya Samaj Marriage & Marriage Registration in Court. Also both the partners must be eligible for court marriage.

There are some eligibility criteria that both the partners need to fulfill necessary for court marriage. The age of a boy & girl should not be less than 21 Years & 18 Years respectively. Both the partners are ready for marriage without any pressure & force. Mutual consent of both the partners is needed for the marriage. They should not be in a prior active relationship. As we already know that bigamy is not allowed in India. You can marry a second partner only if you have got the divorce certificate or your spouse has already died.

Procedure For Same-Day Court Marriage In Ghaziabad :

If you want to perform your court marriage in one day then, both the partners must belong to the same religion & caste doesn’t matter. At first, both the partners are married like the traditional marriages - Arya Samaj Marriage, Nikah, or Church Marriage. After that marriage registration is performed in court as per the Hindu Marriage Act, Muslim Marriage Act or Indian Christian Marriage Act.

Consent Of Parents:

If you & your partner both belong to the same religion, irrespective of caste & you want to opt for Same-day Marriage in Ghaziabad then, You can easily perform your marriage without your parents’ consent.

Protection After Court Marriage:

You can easily ask for protection in the SP office. Also, you can apply for protection in High Court. THELILA offers you the publication & intimation facility for protection.

Easy Steps For Marriage Registration & Court Marriage In Mumbai

Do you want to perform your court marriage in Mumbai? Are you looking for the best & easy way to perform your marriage registration in Mumbai? You are at the right place. This post will provide you complete information about the different laws & step-by-step procedures for your marriage in Mumbai.

All the marriage certificates are issued by Mumbai BMC. Whenever you register your marriage in Mumbai as per the different acts, you will receive the certificate from the BMC office.

You must have to be eligible to perform your Court Marriage In Mumbai.

Eligibility Criteria For Marriage -

  1. Age - Minimum Age for Male: 21 Years & Female: 18 Years
  2. Mentally Fit & Mutual Consent - Both the partners must be sound mind & not suffering from any mental illness while taking this decision to marry each other.
  3. No Forbidden Relationship - Both the partners must not fall under the degree of prohibited relationship as explained below.
  4. Bigamy is Illegal.
  5. Divorce - If you were in a prior relationship & want to perform another marriage, then you must have to get a divorce order from the court.

Easy & Safe Process For One-Day Court Marriage In Mumbai -

There are many acts & laws for the Court-Marriage in Mumbai.

  1. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

All the traditional marriages & Arya Samaj Marriages performed by the Hindus including Sikhs, Jain & Buddhists can easily register their marriage according to this Act. In Mumbai, It takes around 2-3 hours for the registration of marriage in court.

  1. Muslim Marriage Act, 1939

All the Muslim Marriages (Nikah) performed by the Muslim Partners can easily register their marriage in the Mumbai registrar’s office.

  1. Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872

All the Christian partners perform their marriage in the Church by the priest. After their traditional marriage, they can easily accomplish their registration in court.

  1. Parsi Marriage & Divorce Act, 1865

All Parsi Couples can register their marriage according to this Act.

  1. Compulsory Registration Of Marriage Order, 2014

All the marriages performed in Delhi irrespective of caste, creed, or gender can register their marriages in Delhi within 30 days.

  1. Special Marriage Act, 1954

Generally, anyone can easily perform their inter-religion marriage under Special Marriage Act, 1954. It takes more than 30 days for the completion of the marriage. As per this Act, all court marriages are completely different from traditional marriages. But, Lead India Law Associates can help you to perform your court marriage in Mumbai.

How Lead India Can Help You?

  1. Zero Stress: Generally people think all the legal issues are complex and time-consuming. But, We provide complete assistance until the completion of your marriage.
  2. Confidential: All the details of the Bride & Groom will be kept secured & confidential.
  3. Complete Assistance Till You Get The Marriage Certificate.

Step By Step Process For Court Marriage In Delhi | 8800788535

Complete process for your court marriage in Mumbai. You have to fulfill the eligibility criteria & submit the documents for marriage registration.

Recently, we have seen a rise in the number of court marriages. Almost every country in the world has faced the serious issue of the covid-19 pandemic. Court marriages do not involve the crowd & reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

This post will cover all the complete processes for court marriage in Delhi. There are many laws for the marriage of partners & their registration in court. At first, both the partners’ should fulfill the eligibility criteria of court marriage.

Eligibility Criteria For The Court Marriage -

Valid Age - Both the partners must adult i.e, the minimum age of boy - 21 Years & the minimum age of a girl - 18 years

Both Are Ready - It is very important that both the partners are marrying without any pressure. Mutual consent of both partners is very important.

Non-Prohibited Relationship - There are certain relations that come under the degree of forbidden relationship or Sapinda relationship - Both the partners must not fall into the degrees of Prohibited relationship.

In Case Of Previous Relationship - a) Either both the partners have got the divorce order from the court Or, b) the spouse has been died & got the death certificate from the court

Documents Required For Court Marriage -

Date Of Birth Proof - Birth Certificate or Class 10th Marksheet

Proof Of Address - Aadhar Card, PAN Card or Address Proof

Identity Proof - Voter Card or Driving License

Marriage Of Partners Under Different Acts-

Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

Let’s Understand the process to get Married & get a marriage certificate from the court under Hindu Marriage Act. Both the partners must be Hindus including Sikh, Jain & Buddhists to perform the marriage registration under this act. You can easily perform your marriage in an Arya Samaj Mandir & then register your marriage in court.

Muslim Marriage Act, 1939

All the Muslim partners can perform their marriage as per their ritual - Nikah by Kazi. After the marriage, they can easily register their marriage in court as per this Act. It is avery economical & fast process to perform your marriage.

Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872

All the Christian partners can perform their marriage as per this Act. At first, they can easily perform their marriage in Church then, they can easily register their marriage in Court under the Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872. Now lets try to understand the marriage procedure under Special Marriage Act.

Special Marriage Act, 1954

All the partners’ irrespective of religion can perform their court marriage. It is completely different from traditional marriages. It takes around 30-40 days for the completion of the marriage.

Why You Should Choose Us?

  1. Privacy & Confidential - We maintain the privacy of our clients & all the documents are kept secure.

2. Verified Lawyers - All the lawyers are experienced & experts in different legal matters.

3. Reliable - We are completely reliable

4. No Extra Charge - We do not charge any hidden fees from our customers

A court marriage certificate will help to easily prove the marriage between two partners.

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